Office of Strategic Partnerships

The Office of Strategic Partnerships (OSP) works to deepen meaningful relationships within our greater community in order to advance the college’s mission: to prepare each student for success in life and work, fostering a diverse, engaged, and dynamic community.

We recognize that our college mission is only achievable through the engagement of our community and that our students thrive when we work collectively. Our community is made up of students, staff, faculty, political and community leaders, organizations, businesses and industry, working together to make our city a better place.

In addition to strategic partnerships, the OSP department houses our Communications & Marketing Team, Grants & Strategic Initiatives, and Community Relations & Special Events.

To explore partnering with Seattle Central contact Executive Director Jessica Norouzi, 206-934-3828


The Office of Strategic Partnership’s mission is to elevate the college as a respected educational institution, dedicated to equitably transforming outcomes for students and enhancing our impact in the community through collaboration and partnerships.

What we do

  • Establish and deepen institutional partnerships
  • Engage key stakeholders
  • Elevate college’s image and reputation
  • Support student outcomes and success 

How we do it

  • Special events and engagement activities
  • Working with affinity groups – alumni, retirees
  • Volunteer engagement
  • Partnership development
  • Grant writing 
  • Internal and external marketing and communications
  • Media relations, external relations and community involvement